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Friday, August 12, 2005

The Street Called Straight, Damascus

I found this photo of Souq El Taweel, or Midhat Pasha (also known as the Street Called Straight) at the US Historical Archive website. But I don't know what year was it taken in.

Street called Straight

"The street called Straight is straighter than a corkscrew, but not as straight as a rainbow. St. Luke is careful not to commit himself; he does not say it is the street which is straight, but "the street which is called Straight." It is the only facetious remark in the Bible,I believe."

Mark Twain The Innocents Abroad , 1869

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I never thought of why it's been called "The Straight Street" or "Via Recta"!

hmmm, anybody looked it up? don't tell me cuz it's straight!!....that applies on Hamra street, Salhieh, and almost all the streets in the world!

welcome back:)
lovely pic
actually what drew my attention was not the title of the street but the roof and the window of the house..
as if it's one of the houses in old damascus

I think I read somewhere that it's the longest straight road in the world [WAS ofcourse]

Welcome back Dina!

Beautiful picture. I think the Street Called Straight was more straight back in Roman times. Read Brian's comment on this in his blog:


Welcome back I love this kind of pictures, they always give me an idea about how simple life was, and it also help get an idea about why my granpa and dad say "esss Allah ayyam zaman" :P

Wow that pic looks gorgeous, Dina! Really feels like you're back in time...

how did u find my blog dude? oh yeah by the way, i know it roks!

hiya, ya blog is class, i love it. plz post a comment on mine, its nt very interestin but wot da heck, plz check it out tho, thanx lisa xx

I think the Romans were masters at making streets perfectly straight. in Apamea for instance you can look through the columns in the main street and it will appear to you as if it is just one column, so is the case for Palmyra. it's so cool to learn about the Biblical reference to it but was it reffered to this street specifically? Is there a credible evidence to this? Thanks for any extra info that you provide.

It make me think about dured laham, .... héhéhé

interesting information..thank you.

Welcome back i love this picutre :)

Ihsan: I guess it is called straight, well because it is straight!

No one: Thank you:) And this picture was taken in Damascus of course so that's why the house looks familier :)

Yazan: I didn't know that before.

Ayman: Thanks :) I just read it and it is really interesting.

Sinan: Thanks:) I also like these types of photos. It looks so peaceful. And my grandmother also says the exact same phrase :P

Nour: It does, doesn't it?

Pink: I just landed there by chance :)

Lisa: Thank you. WIll check out your blog right now :)

Ahmad: I read that The street called straight is referred to in the conversion of St. Paul in Acts 9:11. You can read more about that here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damascus

Omar: I think it's the guy on the donkey whom inspired that recollection ;)

Zaid: Thank you :)

Mira: Thank you. Glad you liked it:)

I like to see pics as this ..thanks for sharing

Dina, thanx for the link. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Omar: Thank you :)

Ahmad: You're most welcome:)

it was taken in damascus looooool
now i know that im stupid


paul was on crooked path and God positioned him by experiences of him self face to voice and ear to ear with others present and a removing of his sight showing saul his power and then showing him his love thus restoring his sight and commissioning him to work for the same God he was out to destory.

Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple

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