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Friday, July 15, 2005

Cars in Syria...No longer a dream?

With all the talk about cars in Syria getting cheaper, people are getting very excited at the prospect of finally being able to afford a reasonable car.
This was evident at SyrAuto car fair that was held at the Damascus International Fair two weeks ago.

peugeot 107
Nissan Armada

And would any Fair be complete without Baya3 Dara(corn vendor)?
Corn Vendor

You can view more car pics here

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يبدو أنك لا تتابعين أخبار السيارات بشكل كافي ، فلم تنخفض السيارات التي يستطيع المواطن العادي أن يشتري ، حيث أن الفرق في المبالغ وجد فقط في السيارات الفاخرة و الغالية مثل جاكوار و الـ BMW ، و غيرها ...
إلا أن أصبح الآن من الممكن للمواطن أن يشتري سيارة جاكوار ، و يتباهى بها ، حيث أنه اشتراها من راتبه الذي يزيد عن حاجته بشكل ملحوظ .....

There is no doubt that prices have decreased, but not as much as we hoped for...
I just noticed something: why is Baya3 dera (the guy wearing white pants) standing on two bricks?!

to see from up, ?? Yeahhh it strongly smells, kyoto's protocol, and a massive importantion might explain u why prices have decreased, and also, because good trademarks do some, cars only for unwealthy countries, (renault+nissan+samsung, reanault clio, long size, etc..., made in turkey, romania, and so on, with dacia motors...)

nice pics. I love car shows. I couldn't recognize the white race car, was it a Honda Del Sol?

Car prices are so high still. Actually in Syria-news.com they (finance ministry) issued the prices so that merchants don't deceive people. Imagine there were huge differences between market and the official list.
I am frustrated.

I recall how a good few years ago, cars weren't even being imported into syria, let alone sold

Nice pics and nice cars. My favourite cars in Syria are Skoda. I really like them, I don't know why :)

The traffic and pollution in Damascus are so horrible. What will happen when more cars are being sold? Maybe people will start walking instead of driving, because it'll be Faster!

Linux: I agree with you...I like many people thought that since they lowered the customs, that would make cars cheaper but now they increased the taxes so it came to the same thing like before :|

Rami: I guess the Baya3 dera was short and couldn't reach his pot so he got creative and solved his problem with the bricks :P

Oz: Yes Omar, there are lots of cheaper car options now like those made in China, Iran, etc...

Omar: Umm...I actually don't know what type it is! So if anyone knows please tell us.

Aleppian: The car prices that were issued were the car prices Without taxes. The ministry will now use these prices to determine how much tax will be charged for each car.

Abu Rishe: Yeah you should see Syria now...the streets are full with new cars...some even quite fancy.

Skoda: Thanks Steliano. Skoda are cool. Did you know that Skoda is owned by Volkswagen?

Damascene: I agree with you. the traffic jams now in summer are crazy with all the Syrians
living abroad coming to visit...

nice pictures

I thought it was Mercedes Dina :)

Well it was a Del Sol after all. I asked some car crazy guy at work.. In fact I was on your blog at work when he passed by and started checking out the cars you posted pictures of


thanks for reading about my room..:)

Be: thanks

Steliano: I checked again to make sure, it's Volkswagen:) You know I just realized that I wrote Skoda instead of Steliano in my previous comment, Sorry! I mst have been half asleep :( And it was fun reading about your room :)

Omar: Thanks for telling me.

I don't agree at the topic title..the normal Syrian citizen is still not able to buy even a tire.....totally agree with Linuxjuggler when he said : "حيث أنه اشتراها من راتبه الذي يزيد عن حاجته بشكل ملحوظ "


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