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Friday, June 24, 2005

Cool Wallpaper

I don’t know about you, but I change my desktop wallpaper all the time. I always had trouble finding original wallpaper until I came across this website http://www.vladstudio.com/home/


Val, who runs the VladStudio design company, is a 24 year old graphics enthusiast and digital artist from Russia who designs amazing wallpaper, e-cards as well as other things. His works are very original and full of detail. And the quality is superb. He also includes some tutorials on how he used Photoshop to create some of the images.
The best thing about the site is that all the wallpaper and e-cards come for free!

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NOW THAT's original..

me I like movie themes... Robin Williams' "One Hour Photo" has got some REALLY REALLY nice wallpapers...
there's one with face close-up of robin williams.. I love the details in that one [that's my current wallpaper right now]



That's a very cool website, contains my favorite type of wallpapers, very simple yet very elegant, I specially liked the one you linked.

Thank you Dina for pointing out this site, it's been already more than a month with my current Wallpaper

I have msuic partition sheets for desktop..I like to show off

That's sweet... I love the art. All I can say, is that it's pure talent. :D

Yazan: I also like Robin William expecially in Patch Adams...I'll check out the webpage you gave

Baher: Glad you liked it. You really should change your wallpaper, it really makes a difference, for me it's like painting my room a different color!:)

Steliano: hmm ...that's interesting

Sara: I agree with you :)

Thanks for the link, Dina….
Very Informative (the tutorials are quite good)

Thanks for the link Dina. I also change my desktop wallpaper all the time. I get my wallpapers from this cool website, I recommend all who reads this to at least visit it once :)


PS click on the archive to see other pics

Rami: Glad you liked it...I also liked the tutorials

Omar: Thank you for the link...I guessed even before looking at it that it had something to do with space!

Thanks for the link Dina.
the site is really nice ;)

I´ll come back often too visit your blog, ok?

Greetings from Spain. marco

Cool site dina, liked it a lot
Welcome Back :)

I guess I'm that predictable :|

Marco: Hola and welcome to my blog! Thanks for dropping by:)

Shop girl: Thank you, glad you liked it :)

Omar: umm.....j/k :p

Thanks for the recommendation, Dina!

Check out my blog, surprise, surprise!

oops somehow the blogger just posted that!

That's me Dina, - nour-

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