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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blog Break


Hey guys,

Things here are getting hectic before my exams, so I’m taking a break from Blogging.

But don’t worry, as Arnold would say: I’ll be back! :P

In the meantime enjoy this view of Ghouta :)

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we'll miss your posts Dina :)

Hey Dina, I hope all will be well... Inshallah, you'll get the best grades ever in your exams.

We'll be waiting for ya... BTW, nice pic of Ghouta.

We'll miss you, Good luck with your Exams.

Best of luck Dina :) will miss ur nice pics

Good luck with your exams Dina.

Wow its a brk 4 everybody :) come back soon :)

I wish you the best of luck and I will really miss your great posts. THe picture is cool though.

Omar, Sara, Baher, shop girl, rami, mira, & steliano: That's really sweet of you, thank you all :)

Good Luck :)

ditto to that.. good lick dina... well.. I know I'm gonna need lots of that!!

The pics and design have good quality!!

Sinan: Thank you:)

front bumper:thanks and good luck to you too!

Aleppian: Thank you :)

Silence and calm in the Syrian blogsphere...

Good luck Dina :)

i really enjoy reading your blog:) and may i ask Ghouta is in Homs right!!!! because i'm half syrian and the place where my familyy lives is in ghouta in Homs!!!

Ayman: Thank you :)

Hind: Thanks for dropping by :) I will add your blog to my Syrian Blog list :) Ghouta is an orchard that surrounds Damascus, …But there may be a place in homs called Ghouta...

@hind: there is a huge neighbourhood in Homs City called ghouta near the Downtown Homs.. pretty classy btw ;)

@Dina.. thx

hey Dina, you know what that pic looks very familliar ;)

Yazan: Thank you for the info. I didn’t know about Ghouta in Homs before.

Omar: hmm...I wonder why ;)

well its good to know :D in the end we all learn from each other thanks for correcting me ;)

I'm really missing the nice pictures and posts..do well in you exams

Steliano: Thank you:) One more week and I'll be done...

One more week then..I don't know if you like soccer, Syria beat Italy 4-1 in the youth world cup in the Netherlands..I just saw it on Eurosport

Yeah i saw syria, on Tv, there are not so bad, but not very good! :'(
good luck fr ur exams.

Steliano: I'm not really a soccer fan but I do try to watch when Syria is playing any international games..I didn't hear of that one though..but anyway Go Syria!

Oz: Thank you :)

do u believe I missed the game... and all the fireworks after it... I HATE IT>>> I WAS ASLEEP!!! DMAN I SLEPT>> and turned the phone off... I hate me...

btw, it was 2-1!!!!! ;) hehe

Hey Dina, I'm back and ready for action! All the best in your exams, ya!

Yazan; Too bad you missed it :)

Nour: Welcome back Nour! I hope you had a great time. I want to hear all about it :)

Thanks Dina. Yes I did! Despite the scorching heat I felt at home and didn't want to go back!

Dina I hope you go on doing well and thank you for coming to the name post.

Nour: As soon as I'm done with my exams I promise to write :)

Steliano: Thank you Steliano, I really enjoy reading your blog so it was a pleasure :)

All the best in your exams Dina!


hey Dina did you get my latest email?


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