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Interesting Blog Terms

(BLOG diaRRHEA) Typically refers to meaningless ranting and raving on a blog.

Blog hopping
Blog hopping is to follow links from one blog entry to another, with related side-trips to various articles, sites, discussion forums and more.
One can blog hop through the links provided in a blog and follow them, to the next blog and so on.

Sucking up to people with the hopes of getting linked in their blog. From "brown-nosing."

(Video bLOG) A Weblog (blog) that provides a video journal on a subject rather than text entries. A link to a video on a regular text blog is not a vlog. Vlogs are short video entries that take the place of text and are typically listed in chronological order like a text blog. Also called a "vog" or "vog blog."

A Bleg is a colloquial term for a blog entry consisting of a request to the readers, such as for information or contributions. The name is derived from the words "" and "Beg".

An edublog is a blog used for educational purposes. The act of edublogging is blogging within a learning environment or for educational purposes.
The above terms are from Answers.com

Bloggerji (M)- Bloggerjieh / Bloggeraieh (F) (In Arabic) (Many thanks to GraYFoX for reminding me)

A person who owns or writes for a weblog.

Blaster (Coined by Omar)

From Blog Master" as in "Webmaster.

Many thanks to Omar for coining the terms below:

Blog-o-holic: Those who browse or blog at all the times.. even when they're sleepy, busy or have friends sitting next to them..

Blog-o-phrenia: Having two blogs (and in my case 3) that talk about completely different things

Blog'd-ucated: Where he/she believes that blogs are the only sources of information in life.

Blog-o-mantic: (from Romantic) He/She who falls in love with another blogger cos her/his postings touch his soul

Bloggin'+ adjective or noun: Like saying: he's bloggin' crazy, or: I was on that bloggin' site. (but that's geek jargon anymore.. so you most probably won't be hearing much unless you hang around some system administrators)

For some interesting blog terms (some coined by bloggers themselves) go to: Samizdata.net

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