Thursday, January 12, 2006 

Back in Damascus:) (Edited)

I've been really busy lately with work and famiy affairs...which explains the lack of updates on my blog...Now that things have calmed down I hope I can go back to updating my blog on regular bases...I thank all of you who keep coming back and those who wrote me sweet notes and messages asking about me :)

I wrote the post below at the begining of January but never got to publish it so here it is:

I admit I've been neglecting my blog...Although I've been back in Damascus for over 3 weeks now, I've been too busy and lazy to post anything.
Family and friends keep asking me wheather I've noticed anything different in Damascus...Not much has changed in the city since my return but here's what I noticed on the Damascus scene:

Syrian flags are everywhere. On buildings, on cars, in stores... People (including myself) are feeling quite patriotic due to the recent developements on the political scene.

After 3 years of delays and digging, renovations and construction work on the Omayad Square (dubbed by some the "crazy circle") are back on track after the hiring of a private contractor (AL Khayat construction company ). The private company promises to finish the construction work on the square in 2 months time...Al Abbassyin square is up next after the Omayad square is finished.

Also after months of delays, a KFC branch has finally opened in Damascus. It's packed with people whenever I pass by the joint in Abu Rummaneh street...You can read more about it at Ghalia's Blog.

Otherwise it's really good to be home :)

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