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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

King of Hobbies

“King of Hobbies, Hobby of Kings” is how stamp collecting has often been described.
The endless panorama of world events and scenes which is opened to the viewer of a stamp collection is perhaps why stamp collecting fascinates so many people.

I started collecting stamps when I was 11 but unfortunately I rarely do that now because less and less people send me letters by ordinary mail and prefer to write emails instead.
But I can happily say that I own a humble collection of 2 albums.
And here are some of my favorites


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That's pretty cool to know. I used to collect stamps as well, and I still have my collection

Though i liked this hobby, i never had the time for it.

that is neat
i collect coins
well i used to

That is quite great! I'm not much of a collector person(because I hoard vitrtually everything, so collecting becomes a hassle), but I absolutely enjoyed looking at these.
My favorite was the Picasso one, very gorgeous indeed. I love the Spaniards.
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Some beauties in there.Nice.

Omar-I'm glad someone shares my interests.
Baher-It is true, stamp collecting is nice but very time consuming.
Nurhan-that's cool, my brother was a big coin collector too..
Roba-You're most welcome:)My favorite to is the Picasso one.
GPV-Thank you :)

nice collection Dina
actually i never collected stamps or coins, my elder brother used to; he had a very very large collection of coins and stamps, some are very interesting.

very nice collection :)i loved the idea :)i just need 2 find some time 2 do it :)

Hey Dina, since you like to collect stamps, I have some from different countries if you're still interested in having some. They are old when I used to have penpals. I never really did anything with them. So you can have them. :D

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Hi Dina;
It's nice to see your blog.
You are right, nowadays, less and less people send letters by ordinary mails, I think it surely caused some difficulties for collectors to enrich their collections.
I found interesting to see two stamps with Chinese letters on it on your blog. They are stamps from where I live--Taiwan, and the meaning of those Chinese letters is " Republic of China Postage", they are at least 15 years from the day of first issue. I am glad to know they are among your favorite collections.
I have a blog, it is about Bali, Indonesia, the paradise island really fascinates me. Drop by at " "if you got time. Good Luck.

Amr&Mira: Thanks for your comments

Sara: Thanks for the offer, that's very nice of you :)

meongs: Thanks for visiting my blog, I had a look at yours and you've got some pretty cool paintings. Good Luck to you too :)

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