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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Baron Hotel, Aleppo

Baron Hotel, Aleppo1

Located in Aleppo, northern Syria, the Baron Hotel was originally built in 1909 as a select staging post for grand tourists and pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. It was at that time the premier hotel in the Middle East,

The Baron Hotel has seen the likes of Kamal Attaturk (founder of Turkey), Lady Louis Mountbatten, archaeologist Sir Max Mallowan(Agatha Christie’s husband). None more famous than T.E. Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence stayed here regularly 1911-1914 when working as an archaeologist in nearby Carchemish.

The hotel still proudly displays T.E.'s unpaid bar bill and a leather-bound guest book sporting such names as author Agatha Christie, US president Theodore Roosevelt and Aviator Charles Lindbergh.
The 40-room Baron may not be the swankiest place in town, but what it lacks in modern sophistication, it more than makes up for with charisma.
A double room including bathroom and breakfast costs around 45$.

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what an interesting story.. especially the guest book lists! Very interesting post..keep it up!

It still looks elegant.

I like old buildings :)

If I go to Aleppo I know where I'm going to stay now.. great post

I hope I can go there sometime soon. It would be great to be in the same room where famous people once stayed. I'd chose the room of King Faisal or T.E Lawrence!

immazing, i'd love to go there:)

As a proud Halabi, I was delighted to finally see a Syrian Blog mentioning my city. It seems to me that all the Syrian Blogs and Bloggers are about or from Damascus, and I am not sure why!!
I visited this hotel several times. It is currently owned by an Armenian family. The building itself is in a good shape, but the quality of its rooms is very bad, due to lack of government funding and poor management….
Anyway, thank you very much KHAYTOH!

You are welcome Khayo;) And yes Paul it is true that many Syrian blogs concentrate on Damascus, which is a pity because Syria has beautiful landmarks in other cities as well as Damascus. Since you would be an expert on the subject Paul, why don't you start a blog about Aleppo? There is a shortage in Syrian blogs and a blog about Halab would be a great addition :)

Khayo Paul, check out my blog at www.montrealeppo.com . It is still in the experimental stages and it is not entirely about Aleppo, but I am gonna try from now on to concentrate more on Halab. ,Mou 3ala rasi…
Thank you Dina for your post. Keep up the good work.

Halab, Aleppo, has many interesting and historical places, but actually it's not the fault of Damascene bloggers because they live in Damascus, that's why most of their posts are Damascene..
and i think yought of Aleppo have to be more aware of their city..

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