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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

You Know You've Adapted To Syria When...

.You think that all coffee comes in tiny cups with mud in the bottom.
.You're the one honking your horn at the stop lights.
.You line up your car up on the white lines on the Autostrade.
.You think that $25 is an expensive restaurant meal.
.You park your car on the sidewalk and walk on the street.
.You realize that you don't need a prescription to get Prozac.
.You think it's normal to get cooking gas out of a bottle.
.You know at least 10 people who have had a baby.
.You think 60 hours is a normal workweek.
.You're not bothered when a car in the left lane turns right.
.Your everyday speech includes "Maelesh", "Bukra" and "Inshallah".
.You don't want to leave but it's time to go.

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Hehehe I loved it this list...

hehe i noticed some of them :)

Funny, very funny and I recognized many of the same traits here in Spain. But it was, after all, an Arab Muslim country for some 900 years.


It's almost the same list all around the Mediterranean Sea.Fun.

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