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Saturday, March 12, 2005


Meet Fulla, the first Arabic Barbie-like doll. She was made to look more like Arabic women with her lovely dark skin and hair and less like her blond Western counterpart.

At a well-known toy store in the middle of Abu-Rummaneh Street in Damascus, a prominent display is devoted to the Barbie-sized Fulla and six separately packaged outfits. The basic doll comes in modest clothes to respect Arab culture and traditions.

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I don't know about the middle eastern look.. she looks like an american spy who's trying too hard :)

LOL that's a good one!

Well this is not bad but i prefare my old barbies i even used 2 have a barbie man :D i miss the old days;)

I must say that i prefere the old barbies. I played with them throught my childhood and i loved their clothes and all the variety they had. Those were the good old days!

fulla is the best thing a muslim girl can have! i only wish i was lucky enough to have such a doll. instead i was stuck into being pushed to thnking that being a materialistic airhead with next to nothing on my body (prostitution for free) as an ideal for girls via barbie. fulla lets a girl proudly proclaim to have self respect and appreciation for oneself. and as a side dolls were never haram. that quote is far from the truth, as long it is not actually set up for worship and instead is played with as atoy, no problems at all. as a female muslim from the 'religious right' i think it is high time muslims vocally stay proud of their religion, educate the ignorant who rampntly infest 'information' sites with false claims and stop being so appoligetic for worshipping in a different and far superior religion. punish the murderers who blowthemselves up (they are not muslims, anyone with an atom of intelligence knows that) and anyone else practicing heinous haraam (forbidden) crimes in the name of islam. stop being afraid and let the truth stand

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