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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Book Tag


Omar tagged me to write this post so here it is:

Number of books I own: um…Never thought of counting them, you can count them if you want :p

Last book I bought: “Hikayet Jaddi” or The Story of My Grandfather by Elfat AL-Idilbi. Haven’t read it all yet. It’s about a Dagestan family who emigrate to Damascus and how they evolve and adapt to the Damascene society.

Last book I read: “Pastel School by Hazel Harrison”, a great book if you want to learn how to draw with pastels or just learn some new techniques if you already use them.

Book I am currently reading: “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, I just started reading it today and I’m already hooked!

Some books I like:

“Gone with the wind” by Margaret Mitchell: I suppose you all know the story. I read it as a teenager and It was the first “serious” novel for me to read. My favorite part is when Rhett tells Scarlet: ”Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

“Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul”: I don’t usually like these types of books, but this book was different. It’s a collection of stories on life, love and learning some written by professional authors and some written by teenagers who wanted to share their stories. There’s something for everybody in this book.

My dictionary: Sounds geeky but I honestly can’t live without it!

“Guests of the Sheikh” by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea, the authors writes about her two year stay in the village of EL Nahra in southern Iraq. Very well written, objective and informative.

I tag anyone who feels like it :)

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Wow Dina, I must say your book case puts mine to shame. Interesting post, you should try some non-fiction :)

Gee weezy..yeah Dina! It's super shiny and neat...coincidently I had mine posted a day before..not sure if you have seen my bookshelf...yet


I'm never gonna post a picture of my books after that pic.. :P
I liked your list :) It tells a lot.

Hahaha. my bookshelf looks nothing like that. It's sooooooooooo messy. You're my inspiration to clean it all up when I get back to the UAE. hehehe...

Omar: I should read more non-fiction books...any suggestions?

Nour: I haven't seen it yet...but will do so now:)

Sinan: Really? what does my list say about me?

Sara and the rest of you guys: My book case is the ONLY tidy thing in my room, you should see the mess I have......come to think of it, I hope you don't see it!

You're actually messy? That's not the impression I got from you. I think you're just exaggerating about your mess.You should see my mess. Actually, I'm better now.Hehehe...

Another impression I got is that you're so nice. You didn't tag anybody specific just incase somebody might get bothered. Hehehe. Is that the case? :P

Dina I haven't read any of your books...but I read my dictionaries too..I had done my books a few posts ago so I can not be tagged..:) and I like your books

Sara: La tiz3ali, your it!(well only if you want to... I am nice really nice!)

Steliano: Hi there Steliano, long time no see! To tell you the truth you were the first person i thought of tagging but then i remembred reading about your books;) How was Versaille? I am going to read about it on your blog :)

Dina I had a long last week of work but now I have finished my work and I am FREE..

well neat book case...if my mom saw urs she'd throw me from the window

wow..it seems that you have a good collection
well mine isn't larg as yours
it contains a few books about engineering and computers and some historical ones that written by "Shaker Mustafa"

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